The stereotype of reading…

The common conception about people who read is that they;

1. Wear glasses.

2. They are often highly educated.

3. They think they are superior to other people.

4. They don’t play sport.

5. They are often awkward in society.

Or at least, these are the common conceptions that I have gathered while living in Lincolnshire.


Now, I would not be your stereotypical reader for several reasons. I enjoy any and all contact sports for the pure adrenaline, I also don’t wear glasses and I most of all, do not see myself as superior to anyone. I am someone who is self-concious about every single aspect of my life, being how I look all the way to what I own. Although I have been educated at a grammar school and feel extremely awkward in a crowd larger than two, I believe in no way that this is the reason for my strong desire to read.


I use reading as a way to escape my current situations and to delve into new worlds and stories. Each story has its own unique world that is waiting to be explored and every mystery is practically begging you to try and work out who the killer is before the story actually finishes. I hate the fact that people place stereotypes upon things that seem so little. We get judged upon every aspect of our lives and it just creates more problems for us to face in our daily lives. You get judged upon the past that wasn’t down to you, such as the schools you went to, the family you have and holidays you may or may not have been on. You get judged upon what clothes you wear, what you can afford, what you eat, how you talk, what you watch, what you think. Everything you do gets judged. I ask of you, that you would try to go a week without judging anybody about anything, even the slightest thing. Once you have done this, tell others to try it too and if you feel like it, even place money on who out of you, can do it the longest.

Goodnight and sweet dreams.


One thought on “The stereotype of reading…

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